Talent Management Agency Speaks To New Baby Model Rose’s Proud Dad

Talent Management Agency's New Baby Model Rose

Talent Management Talent Management Agency’s New Baby Model Rose

Talent Management agency loves to speak to new models about their hopes and dreams following successful application via the national panel, but some are so young that we receive feedback from their mum or dad on their behalf. In these cases the pride of the child or baby model’s parent or guardian is always clear – in some responses expressed with more gusto than in others!

When Talent Management received this light-hearted feedback from Gordon on behalf of his daughter Rose, it brought a smile to the faces of everyone who read it. We would like to sincerely wish them the best of luck with “global domination of the baby market” and hope that Rose is chosen for an assignment by a client soon.

Vital statistics
Age: 6 months
Weight: 7 kg (15lbs 10ozs),
Height: 2ft 3in,
Clothing size: 6-9 months

How would you describe Rose’s look?
Very cute, smiley, happy girl, equally at home in denim or a pretty dress.

Where did Rose’s interest in modelling come from?
Her proud, pushy parents!

What made you choose Talent Management?
All the information provided seemed clear and realistic about the chances, also speaking to Claire, or representative made me feel Rose was being provided with a very personal service.

What are you hoping to gain from signing Rose up with a model agency?
The whole experience will hopefully be as much fun for Rose as we imagine, and maybe the whole world will get to see how cute she is.

Name the top 3 things about Rose that you think will make her a good model.
Photogenic, beautiful smile, happy girl.

Does Rose have any additional talents?
Dribbling, singing, telling long stories that mummy and daddy wish they could understand, stopping mummy and daddy from having a full uninterrupted night sleep.

What are you most looking forward to in Rose becoming a model?
Global domination of the baby market!

If you think your baby would enjoy modelling like Rose does you can apply on their behalf at Talent Management’s dedicated modelling site Models Direct. You will also find a range of information on the site about modelling which helped her to make a decision on which agency would be right for her.

If you’re interested in booking a baby model for an assignment you have coming up, get in touch with Talent Management’s model bookers on: 0844 334 0000, or fill in a model request form at www.talentmanagement.com/talent-hire. Rose’s unique booking number is ‘AQS 472370’.

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